Hilary Dixon - Private Tutor

Tuition Services

Key Stage 1 (KS1) SATS

As both a class teacher and a Learning Support Teacher I have had experience of preparing children for Key Stage One SATs. I therefore realise the concerns which both they and their parents have. I know how important self esteem is and work on this aspect too. I have brought this into my long experience as a home tutor. Whilst initially most of my teaching and private tuition was based around Literacy, I have increasingly been involved in work with Maths. In both subject areas I have taught children to Level Three standard.

Key Stage 2 (KS2) SATS

As with work at key Stage One, I have much experience with training children for Key Stage Two SATs. This is a very important time in the education of young children, marking the end of their Primary Education and in many cases, the end of their time in their existing school. Once again self esteem has been a key issue.

My work as a private tutor has included all aspects of Literacy work, from improving Reading accuracy and comprehension skills, enhancing spelling both phonetic and high frequency, and improving written content. I have worked with children to improve their independent working skills, so that once in an examination setting, they can work happily by themselves.

Additionally, I have done much private tuition in Maths, helping in areas where children have felt concerns, or in enhancing the levels of promising and gifted children. In a one to one setting, a home tutor can make a difference.

Key Stage Three (KS3)

Although I have not prepared children for Key Stage Three SATs, I have worked to Key Stage Three level with several of my private pupils. This has come about through successfully preparing children for the Private School Entrance examinations. Additionally through my experience in Special Educational Needs, I have helped children through the transition to Key stage Three, in both Literacy and Numeracy.

Home tuition for children with special educational needs

Having fifteen years experience as a Learning Support Teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, I have done much Special Needs work as a home tutor. I am aware of the various stages of the process and in both writing and following I.E.Ps and Statement of Educational Needs. My private tuition has also included working on my pupil's self esteem. I also have a vast array of materials which I can use to support my work as a private tutor.

Tuition for private school entrance exams

Since my retirement in 2007, I have done quite a lot of successful work preparing children for Private School Entrance Exams at various stages, from Year Three to Year Seven. Whilst my own teaching experience has provided me with wide range of resources, I have the Bond publications for private tuition in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. I have a collection of past papers, which also helps work as a home tutor. Parents have also shared with me specimen papers for a variety of schools. Part of my work as a private tutor has included preparing children for an interview. Some of my former pupils were offered places at more than one school.

TEFL Tuition

Having undertaken a TEFL course, I have had the privilege of working with many children for whom English is a foreign language. This has included KS1 and KS2. My teaching work in school, involved me with children who initially had very little English.

As a home tutor, I have worked with children for whom English is a second language, and helped them with oral, reading and written skills. Private tuition has helped these children both in their everyday school work and in preparation for SATs.