Hilary Dixon - Private Tutor

Biography and Contact Details

Contact Details

To discuss your child's private tuition needs, please call Hilary on:
0191 251 4577 or 07906 315940.

Alternatively, please email Hilary at:

Hilary is based in Whitley Bay and is available to teach in the following areas:

Hilary is available to teach weekday evenings, all day Saturday, and Sunday mornings.


Initially I trained at the North Riding College of Education, from 1971 to 1974. I obtained a Certificate of Education. I specialised in First School level, 4 – 9. My main course subjects were Education, History and Music.
I was seconded for a year to the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1983, by my employer North Tyneside. I undertook an Advanced Diploma in Educational Studies. I then went on to do a further year part-time which gave me the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy in Educational Studies. This involved a dissertation on Parental Involvement. I was able to extend the range of my teaching to include children from 3 – 11. I did subsidiary studies in Counselling, Sociology, Psychology and P.E.

I was asked to extend my studies for a Master of Philosophy degree, which I began in 1987. This I did through further research into Parental involvement. I obtained my Masters Degree in1991.
Also in 1987 I did a Certificate in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, with Linguarama Ltd.

Professional Experience

I began my Teaching Career in North Tyneside in 1974. I obtained a Scale Post two years later. I remained a Class teacher until 1990.

In 1991, following my interest in and studies in the area of Special Educational Needs, I obtained a post with Gateshead as a Learning Support Teacher. I remained in this field until my retirement in 2007. I also had experience as a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

I did not take any time out to have a family.

During my time with Gateshead I also started work with two Private Tuition Agencies as a home tutor. I have about thirteen years experience in this field.

CRB Check

As part of the process of remaining in teaching I have always had to have a full CRB check. I have continued to do so since my retirement, to help in my work as a home tutor.

Successful OFSTED Reports

Working for the Learning Support Service, and later directly for schools, I went through eight successful Ofsteds I received praise for my work with I.E.Ps, in helping children to catch up with their peers and was also told on several occasions that my work was a strength of the School.

Counselling Experience

Following my studies at Newcastle University, I sought practical experience in a counselling situation. I trained with Listening Post, a voluntary organisation, based in Newcastle. This does work similar to Samaritans, but on a face to face basis. Hence I have been able to incorporate my skills in to my teaching work.